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Meet Our Team

Gary Scott
Owner/PA Expert/Race Car Driver

Gary likes to race cars and eat cheeseburgers…and not in that order.
Kevin McDonald
Owner/ Guitar and effects pedal nerd

Pedal and amp junkie…and member of the acoustic rock trio Tres Lads.

Collin Scott
Electronic Repair and Dispensor of Factoids

Dude is CRAZY about Batman and Deloreans.
Paul Martello
Electronic Repair Ace and Drum Expert

Vintage drum aficionado/collector and fantastic drummer for The Jaggerz.

Denny Reichert
Vintage Guitars and Friendly Greetings

Denny is crazy about Vintage Harmony guitars……..actually he’s crazy about all guitars. Denny, Gary and Paul are lifelong friends and played together in their first band “The Realistics” in 1939 ;-).

Our Story

On Sunday July 8th 2012, Main Street Music and Sound opened its doors at 327 Main St in downtown Irwin at the historic former Isaly’s location. Although Main Street Music is a “new” business to the area, it’s brought to you(it’s owners and employees are anything but new…) by a few guys who are anything but new to the local music industry.

Owners/Partners Gary Scott and Kevin McDonald teamed up and set forward with Paul Martello and Collin Scott, all principals at the historic Swissvale Music Store. Gary, along with Ray Falcsik, opened Swissvale Music opened 34yrs ago and was responsible for introducing many notable lines to the Pittsburgh area such as Paul Reed Smith, Hamer, EAW, and many more.

The store always prided itself on having great service and prices, providing quality gear for all levels from beginner to pro and most of all for being on the cutting edge and offering musical gear that you just couldn’t find unless you were in LA or New York City. In 1990, Kevin McDonald joined the Swissvale team and expanded the store’s focus. Bringing in lines like Fulltone, Bogner, Soldano, Rivera,Tom Anderson, Pedulla, Eden, Aguilar, and many more. The custom shop-boutique experience was new for the store, and for the city.

Over the years they built a solid reputation as the place to come for the coolest gear and the best product know how. The Clarks, Rusted Root, Poverty Neck Hillbillies, The Jaggers, Glenn Pavonne, Norman Nardini and many other national and local acts were regulars at the shop. Customers came to depend on Swissvale’s advanced product knowledge, expert in house service, and years of hands on experience.

Always looking to expand their business and focus on their strengths, it became apparent in March of 2012 that a change of location might be just what the doctor ordered. So when a great location became available in downtown Irwin, it seemed like the perfect time to go for something completely new and exciting. Built from the Swissvale staff, which has a combined 90 years of experience in the music business. Main Street Music & Sound was born. Wanting to have lessons for just about any instrument, at any skill level, Main Street Music reached out to and teamed up with the region’s seasoned industry vets from Bentley and Romito Professional Music, whose staff includes some of the most respected musicians in the area.

So, whether you are a beginner or a pro, Main Street Music and Sound really does have something for you. Electric and acoustic guitars, basses, drums, pianos & keyboards, trumpets, saxes, flutes, clarinets, violins, PA systems and microphones, software, strings, picks, and on and on and on. Stop by and let us set you up with your first instrument or maybe the next piece of your collection. At Main Street Music & Sound, you can hear, touch, play, and feel gear that you could previously only hear on a YouTube clip. And you’ll get personal service and treatment the likes of which you’d never get at the cookie cutter mall guitar store.

Our Friends

Red Medicine Recording
Sean McDonald’s World Class, Pittsburgh based, production facility.
Sean has worked with music legends like Aretha Franklin, Davy Jones, Wynton Marsalis and the Four Tops, and he’s also worked with local favorites like The Clarks, Mercury, Gene The Werewolf, and Grapevine.

His work can be heard on radio and TV around the world.

His home base, Red Medicine Recording Studio, is the regions best-equipped studio.

Sparing no expense, Red Medicine was designed from the ground up, to put musicians in a comfortable, positive, inspiring environment.

Check HIM out!!
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