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Yamaha NP-15 Piaggero 61-Key Portable Digital Piano

Light, Portable Piano-Style Keyboard with 61 Graded Soft Touch Keys
Great for beginners or pianists looking to have fun playing at home, at school, in a club, or at the beach, the black Yamaha NP-15 Piaggero is an easily portable 61-key piano-style keyboard that delivers high-quality piano sounds in a user-friendly and lightweight (at 11.4 lb) space-saving design. The instrument features a touch-sensitive keyboard with full-size piano keys for maximum comfort and expressivity. The company's Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) sound engine delivers the rich tones of a sampled Yamaha concert grand piano via the built-in 5W amplifier and speakers or over your own pair of headphones. Additional instruments include two other pianos, three electric pianos, three organs, three harpsichords/vibraphones, and three strings.

One-touch recording is available for capturing practice sessions, performances, or original compositions. Use the Rec'n'Share app on your phone to record sound and video, and upload your own performances. The NP-15 runs on 6 AA batteries (available separately) or can be powered from the included PA-130 AC adapter.

Lightweight and Battery Powered, You Can Take It Anywhere
  • Piaggero, the name of the NP-15 Series, combines the word piano with the word leggero, a musical term meaning light—just like this keyboard.
  • This portable keyboard is lightweight (at 11.4 lb), so you can take it to your favorite places to practice—indoors, outdoors, or even on a trip.
  • The Piaggero comes with a power adapter, but since you can also power it using six AA batteries (available separately), you can even play it at places that lack access to a power supply.
Enjoy a Light Keyboard Feel with Touch-Sensitive Keys
  • The 61 keys on the NP-35 feature touch sensitivity to accurately reflect every nuance of your playing, making your performances more musically expressive.
  • Play the keys heavily for louder tones, or softly to achieve quieter sounds, to achieve true dynamic control of your music.
Just the Sounds Keyboard Players Really Use
  • The Piaggero features three piano sounds including the breathtaking sound of a Yamaha, full concert grand, the CFIIIS, with a bright, transparent tone, a spacious treble, and an overall solid sonic feel.
  • There is also a carefully curated selection of sounds that keyboard players use frequently—like three electric pianos, three organs, and three harpsichords/vibraphone.
  • Three string sounds offer the player a broader palette for expression.
Resonant Sound with Sound Boost Mode
  • Yamaha's acoustic technology furnishes the Piaggero’s impressive sound with resonant, grand piano-style bass notes and beautifully detailed treble tones.
  • The NP-15 is equipped with a 5W stereo amplifier.
  • The Sound Boost function switches to an even punchier and more powerful sound for bringing out the sound of the piano when playing in a band.
  • Connect a pair of headphones for quiet practice without other people hearing you.
Easily Record Sound and Video, and Upload Your Own Performances
  • If you want to take a video of your performance and share it on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and so on, Rec'n'Share is the way to go.
  • Connect the Piaggero to your smart device, and record both video and audio at the same time to complete your video.
Access the Features of the Piaggero with Greater Ease from the App
  • By linking the Piaggero with Yamaha's dedicated Smart Pianist app, you can intuitively perform all operations on the NP-15 from the screen of your smart device.
  • There's no longer any need to pull out the manual to see how things work.
Optional Keyboard Stand Available
  • The L-2C was specifically fashioned to bolt directly to many of Yamaha's portable keyboards including the Piaggero.
  • Offering excellent stability and a collapsible design convenient for travel, the L-2C is perfect for those seeking a secure stand at a highly affordable price.
Other Features
Preset and Demo Songs
  • The NP-15 comes with 10 preset piano songs and 15 songs that demo the various sounds of the instrument.
Onboard Song Recorder
  • The onboard 1-track MIDI recorder enables performances to be recorded to the piano's internal memory and played back—helpful during lessons or just for fun. You can record just the left hand first, and then practice playing along with the right.
  • The NP-15 features a metronome, which is essential for learning to perform at the correct tempo.
USB Audio and MIDI: Record to Your Computer
  • The USB-to-host terminal allows you to connect the keyboard to a computer or portable device and record MIDI or high-quality audio without the need for an additional interface.

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