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Tsakalis Audioworks Room #40 Overdrive Pedal USED

Tsakalis Audioworks Room #40 Overdrive Pedal USED

Heavily inspired by the tone and feel of legendary Marshall amps like the non master volume series PLEXI™ Super Lead (1959/1987) & Super Bass (1992) and the master volume series JMP™ & JCM800™ (2203/2204).


    • Handmade in Athens, Greece
    • True Bypass
    • 2 types of Marshall™ circuits PLEXI™ (19)/ JMP™ & JCM800 (22)
    • Variac voltage control from 7.5V to 21V
    • Classic Marshall™ 3 band EQ
    • Versatile Presence control for matching pedal to darker or brighter amps
    • Gain Boost controlled by a foot-switch and a dedicated trimmer
    • Power supply : 9V Boss-type DC adapter (center -). Using 10V or more may cause severe damage to the pedal and void warranty
    • Max power consumption : 30mA @ 9V DC
    • Heavy duty & light weight aluminum box.  73mm(Width) x 123mm(Length) x 55mm(Height)

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