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Strymon Brig dBucket Delay Pedal

Certified Organic Delay
The sound of analog bucket delays (BBDs) is classic for a reason, offering warm tones and a distinctive and organic gooey-ness to the repeats that is unlike any other kind of circuit design.  The new Brig dBucket Delay pedal from Strymon recreates all of the signature behavior that these classic chips deliver, while offering greater flexibility, power and performance - you can really play the repeats like an instrument.

Brig offers three different BBd voices, based on different types of classic bucket brigade circuits, offering you everything from gritty repeats and sci-fi psychedelia to soft and dreamlike soundscapes you can float on top of.  Warm bucket brigade modulation gives your repeats exciting movement, and at the shortest delay times works as a killer standalone BB chorus pedal too!  Add in full stereo i/o, TRS MIDI, 300 presets, USB C for DAW MIDI control and firmware updates, a discrete JFET analog input circuit for unrivaled feel and touch response and seamless tap tempo behavior that allows you both artifact-free tempo tapping or bucket chaos when you weak the Time knob, and you have a seriously powerful BBD workstation in a compact form factor.

• Three distinct bucket brigade voicings based upon classic BBD circuit configurations.
• Unique Filter control for shaping the tone of the repeats.
• Premium discrete stereo JFET analog input circuit for exceptional feel and touch response.
• TRS MIDI/Expression jack for external control via expression pedal or TRS MIDI.
• Full MIDI integration - 300 onboard presets, realtime parameter control and more.
• Full stereo inputs and outputs via TRS jacks.
• Mono-to-mono, Mono-to-stereo and Stereo-to-stereo operation.
• Artifact-free tap tempo.
• USB C for DAW MIDI control and firmware updates.

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