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Fender Waylon Jennings Phaser Pedal

Few artists can lay claim to defining the sound of a genre, but Waylon Jennings is the undisputed outlaw of outlaw country. Defining a tone all his own drenched in a signature sweeping phase-shifting effect, Waylon toured through the most prominent phaser effect pedals that the '70s and '80s had to offer. And now the Waylon Jennings Phaser pedal takes you along for that same ride by emulating the stomp boxes he used to forge his own path.

Building on Fender's original four-stage phaser circuit developed in the 1970's, the Waylon Jennings Phaser provides three distinct flavors of phasing by switching between two, four, or six phase stages. When combined with the Range and Feedback controls, these three phase voices cover the gamut of phasing tones used by Jennings on stage and in studio. Skip right to the good stuff and turn on the Sweet Switch to jump right to the "sweet spot" of clean signal mixed with phase-shifting tones, perfect for adding the right amount of flavor to your favorite cowboy chords. Whether you're looking to nail Waylon's signature tone, or find a new one all your own, the Waylon Jennings Phaser can dial in just the right phase for you.

  • Original, all-analog Fender circuit replicates vintage phaser tones and beyond
  • Phase Switch selects between 2, 4, and 6 stages of phasing
  • Sweet Switch jumps right to the "sweet spot" of phaser tones
  • Road ready aluminum chassis
  • Top Mount Input/Output Jacks and True-Bypass Switching
  • Powered by 9-Volt Battery or Center Negative AC Adaptor, Not Included


Using Fender’s original phaser pedal circuit from 1975 as a starting point, this all-analog phaser circuit utilizes JFET transistors to accurately recreate the lush phasing tones produced by the iconic phaser designs of the ‘70s and ‘80s.


The 3-position Phase switch selects between two, four, and six stages of phasing – replicating the different circuit topography and phasing flavors of some of the most memorable analog phase shifting effects of all time.


The Range knob adjusts the frequency range of the phasing effect. Turn it up to focus phase-shifting on only the sparkling high frequencies while leaving your low notes clear or turn it down to sweep through low frequencies while your high notes cut through.


The amount of feedback in the circuit determines the intensity of the phasing, a key design choice that shapes a phaser’s voice. Use the variable Feedback control to produce a wide range of vintage phaser voices or set it high for deeper modulation.


Flip up the Sweet switch to disengage the Phase switch and jump right to the “sweet spot” of phasing. When the sweet switch is on, the Feedback knob acts as blend control adding more phasing effect to your clean tone.


The rugged aluminum enclosure, metal hardware, top mounted jacks, and True bypass switching are ready for the rigors of the road, while Waylon’s signature and Flying W logo make for a truly eye-catching aesthetic.

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