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Baleno OM #6 Acoustic Guitar-Redwood Top/Curly Black Cherry Back and Sides USED

Baleno OM #6 Acoustic Guitar 2008 Redwood Top/Curly Black Cherry Back and Sides USED

Redwood / Curly Black Cherry OM #6

This guitar has serial number of 6. There is a YouTube video from 9 years ago of this guitar being demonstrated on the Baleno website: Baleno Instruments Website and Below.

The guitar is One-of-a-Kind; is in excellent condition and sounds awesome! 

Excellent Condition with just one light scratch (approx. 2”) on the back bottom bout. It is circled in blue in the photos section. Otherwise, there is no other wear.

There is a hand signed letter to the original/only owner who bought the guitar from Mr. Baleno which attests to the following information about the guitar:

-AAA Redwood Top purchased from a tone wood supplier

-Curly Black Cherry Back and Sides from a tree Mr. Baleno harvested that needed to be removed from a building site, on a piece of property that he and his two brothers owned. The property is located in Plum Boro, PA. He saved it from the firewood pile when he split a piece and saw that it had curly grain

-25.34” Scale Length

-5-Piece Laminated Total Bolt-on Neck, Cherry/Walnut/Maple/Walnut/Cherry from wood that he harvested

-Hickory Compound Fretboard from a tree on Mr. Baleno’s property in Murrysville, PA that had fallen due to lightning storm

-Stainless Steel Frets

-2-Way Truss Rod

-1 ¾” Bone Compensated Nut

-Compensated Carved Bone Saddle

-Rosewood Bridge and Bindings

-Gloss Lacquer Finish

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