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Strymon Multi Switch Plus Pedal

STRYMON MULTI SWITCH PLUS PEDAL for information on how to check your firmware version, and how to update your firmware. All TimeLine, Mobius, and BigSky pedals built as of February 1, 2019 will ship with firmware that is compatible with MultiSwitch Plus. If your TimeLine, Mobius, or BigSky was built before this date then it will require a firmware update.
  • How do the LEDs function in the different modes Depending on how MultiSwitch is configured, the LEDs indicate the currently loaded preset or the status of the Boost or Speed setting for connected pedals. The LEDs do not function in Timeline, BigSky & Mobius mode because communication with TimeLine, BigSky and Mobius via the EXP jack is not bi-directional. Custom mode LED functionality varies depending on the connected pedal and how it is configured.

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