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Universal Audio UAFX Orion Tape Echo Pedal

Thanks to the same no-compromise algorithms from the company's award-winning Starlight Echo Station, the Universal Audio UAFX Orion Tape Echo Pedal gives you the magical, hazy delay effects of vintage '70s Maestro Echoplex EP-III tape delays in a compact and elegantly crafted stompbox.


This guitar-effect pedal offers selectable Mint, Worn, and Old tape machines for distinct colors and textures, perfectly emulated EP-III analog preamp circuit, Delay and Feedback controls, Wonk control for wow and flutter, plus Mono operation, selectable True/Trails bypass, and analog dry through. With its timeless UA design and craftsmanship, the Orion pedal is built for years of performance in the studio or on the road. This pedal requires a 9 VDC power supply to operate. A power supply is not included.

Experience Analog Bliss with Tape Type, Wow, and Flutter
  • Choose from three sonically distinct versions of the EP-III with Mint, Worn, and Old machine types for color and vibe.
  • Tweak the Wonk wow-and-flutter control for subtle to eccentric modulated repeats and funky tape-splice textures.
Enjoy Fat Vintage Preamp Tones
  • Perfect for boosting your echoes and adding punch to your entire sound, Orion's faithful emulation of the EP-III's legendary solid-state preamp gives you all the grit and attitude of the vintage effects unit, with one simple control.
Hit the Stage with a Rugged Compact Stompbox
  • Built for decades of dependable performance, Orion gives you switchable true/trails bypass, Preamp off/on, and analog dry through controls, for a trusted companion on your interstellar journey.

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