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Analogman Mini Bi-Comp Compressor Pedal USED

Analogman Mini Bi-Comp Compressor Pedal USED

This Analogman Mini Bi-Comp is in Very Good Condition. The chassis looks great but missing two rear screws. See photos.

The Analogman Mini Bicomp has the same features as their BICOMP, just takes less real estate on your pedalboard. Same size as juicer or small comp. Works on battery or 9V DC adaptor. They make the cases in-house for cost savings. They are not all perfectly machine-drilled and silk screen labelled like the BICOMP but have a hand-made appearance. The switches are a little closer together, making it easy to switch from one compressor to the other by pressing both switches at the same time. Use the side of your foot to easily switch just one side.

The Mini Bicomp is a combination of the highly valued Ross compressors (based on the Dynacomp), and the Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer.

Ross, Dynacomp and Dan Armstrong are used for comparative purposes, only. They have no affiliation to Analogman.

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