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Anderson Guitarworks Classic Shell Pink w/Gig Bag USED

Anderson Guitarworks Classic Shell Pink w/Gig Bag USED

The whole story: When something remains as an unrealized dream for long enough it becomes a fantasy. A fantasy is the belief that there is no such thing in the real world. This is a mindset that surrounds the legend of the "vintage guitar." That it is unobtainable. That you cannot have a vintage instrument that will play like lightning, sing like angels and be reasonably priced. But when we look deeply, we see that this is a mistaken perception and once perception is corrected, bliss returns.

Alder is the most popular body wood choice among players, as an alder body bestows it gifts of full and boosted low-mid frequencies accompanied by predominate upper mid prominence. It is these qualities that bring big single coil tones effortlessly forward in the mix, when paired with the right amp for you.

Body: Alder
Neck: Chocolate Maple
Headstock: Gloss top, Satin Back
Nut Width: 1 11/16"
Frets: Heavy
Neck Shape: Even Taper
Buzz Feiten Tuning System: Yes
Tremolo: Chrome Vintage
Pickups: M1, M1, HF2 (Mint White)
PU Selector: 5-Way Add Bridge with Kickback

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